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OIL - ENI I-Ride 4T code 4T-20W50,1L

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Use this product in highly modified multi-valve engines, providing the ultimate in racing performance and protection. The full synthetic formula allows for maximum electrochemical bonding, producing a film preventing metal to metal start ups, rapid oil circulation during the warm up phase and exceptional valve train protection as higher speeds are achieved. Powerful anti-foaming agent keeps oil pressure high and heat transfer at a maximum. PROPERTIES & PERFORMANCE: The synthetic base oils form a stable lubrication film, that tightly sticks to the metal surfaces, also when the engine had been shut down for some time and therefore ensures an easy start and reduces the cold start wear, also at difficult conditions. Agip Racing 4T, SAE 20W-50 based on Ester. The excellent shear stability is a guarantee for the viscosity stability (stay in grad), also after longer application under extreme conditions. The thermal stable synthetic base oil has an extremely low evaporation tendency and results in low oil consumption.  The special formulation ensures highest efficiency regarding the detergent/dispersing properties, the corrosion protection, the avoidance of foam, the oxidation stability and the wear protection properties.