Fast By

EPROM Ducati 916 SP '94-95 (Stage2) code F00316

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The Fast By Ferracci Performance EPROM is designed to optimize engine performance at all points along the operating range. Our software represents the most sophisticated performance enhancement available and also the best value currently offered anywhere. With most applications we are able to increase not only its power and torque, but overall drive-ability as well. The FBF EPROM will change the entire feel of the motorcycle. From the smooth transitions off idle to the higher performance available at full-throttle, the entire driving experience is enhanced. Each of the custom EPROMs that we offer has been tuned by Eraldo Ferracci on our dynamometer to specific modifications or combinations of modifications. FBF provides refinement and drive-ability second to none. Your motorcycle feels smoother, quicker, and more exciting under all conditions. Excellent when used with FBF slip-ons and full systems

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